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Agora Learning: a comprehensive LMS solution for you and your learners.

Use Agora Learning to deliver any type of learning resource: eLearning modules, rapid learning content, serious games, etc. You can also run virtual classrooms and schedule classroom training sessions. A true blended learning solution.

Agora Learning lets you monitor your learners' progress in detail, including their scores, the time spent on each activity, or the work they have produced. Monitoring your trainees' progress will help you provide personalised guidance and support.

Varied training courses.

With Agora Learning, take a gradual, rational approach to introducing digital technology to your training operations. Take advantage of software that lets you combine classroom and distance learning, and synchronous and asynchronous learning.

This solution lets you deliver eLearning modules created in the SCORM and AICC formats, as well as virtual classrooms, using the embedded BigBlueButton videoconferencing software.

With this LMS, you can make the transition to eLearning gradually, at your own pace.

Monitoring and support software.

With Agora Learning, your learners are not alone. A wide range of tools have been designed to provide guidance and support, and sustain motivation. The focus is on contact and interaction through tutoring, chat rooms, forums, document sharing and more.

Agora Learning has been designed not only for learners but also for you, the trainers, with tools for closely monitoring and managing training programmes. You can find numerous statistical reports, the time each learner spends on the site, and the results of learners' questionnaires.
Everything is under control: you can manage the users, design learning programmes and map out learning progressions.

Agora Learning: move up to a powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-use LMS.

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Features of the LMS

  • Blended Learning

    Offer attractive, all-in-one blended learning courses by combining eLearning, classroom learning, virtual classrooms and more.

  • Universally-accepted standards

    Import SCORM and AICC format with Agora Learning.

  • Easy to use

    Agora Learning software is intuitive and easy to use, so users, whether IT novices or experts, can be up and running quickly.

  • Multi-device

    With a responsive design approach, your training courses can be offered over a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Customisable visual identity

    Your learners will be using a platform whose logo, page headers and footers display your corporate livery!

  • Detailed tracking

    Take advantage of precise feedback about your learners' progress and assessments for optimal training oversight.

  • Scalable support and maintenance

    Tree Learning is there to guide and support you, and give you the benefit of constant software enhancements.

  • A collaborative tool

    Trainers, tutors and managers work hand-in-hand to deliver premium training.